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ARRI Alexa Mini

The Arri Alexa Mini is the first camera designed for versatile cinematography for use with gimbals, drones, and remote heads weighing only 5lbs. Alexa Mini uses the ALEV III CMOS Sensor from the full size Alexa cameras. 

Alexa Mini shoots in MXF/Arriraw and MXF/Apple ProRes capture to C-Fast Cards. 

Alexa Mini has a front single lens block carriage and features a body made of carbon fiber, multiple SDI outputs, audio inputs, motorized ND filters, wireless radio, and both 12 and 24V accessory ports. The camera has an Arri PL mount only, with L-Bus power for using C-Force motors.

Alexa Mini Kit

1 Arri ALEXA Mini Digital Cinema Camera

1 Arri ALEXA Mini Titanium PL LDS Mount with L – Bus Connector

1 Arri ALEXA Mini Electronic Viewfinder

1 Arri ALEXA Mini MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket

2 Arri ALEXA Mini Viewfinder Cable Short (0.35mm/1.2ft) KC 150-s

1 Arri ALEXA Mini Ethernet Cable (3.00m/9.8ft) KC 153-S

2 Arri MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter for ALEXA Mini

2 Arri MAP-2 Adapter Plate with Rod Support for ALEXA Mini

2 Arri MSB-1 Side Bracket for ALEXA Mini

1 Arri BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter for ALEXA Mini

1 Arri CCH-2 Center Camera Handle for ALEXA Mini

1 Arri BAP-1 Battery Plate with Gold Mount

1 Arri CSP-1 Shoulder Pad

1 Arri BP-8 Bridge Plate Adapter 19mm

2 Arri 15mm Steel Rods 13.4″

2 Berkey 15mm Carbon Rods 12″

1 Arri 12″ Dovetail Plate

1 D-Box Break Out Box 2x 12v RS, 2x 24v RS, D-Tap, 12-22v 4 Pin XLR Hot Swap


4 128GB CFast SanDisk Extreme Pro Card

1 Codex C-Fast 2.0 Card Reader (CDX-7517) with USB 3.0 Cable

1 Lexar Workflow CR2 Thunderbolt 2 CFast 2.0 Reader w/ 24″ Thunderbolt Cable


4 Anton Bauer Titon 150 SL 143wh 14.8V Li-ion Battery

1 Anton Bauer LP-4 4-Position Simultaneous Fast Charger

1 Arri 24V 10ft. 3-Pin Power Cable for ALEXA Mini

1 Arri 221W/24v Power Supply

2 Power Cables

Technical Specs

14 Stops of exposure latitude

800 ISO base sensitivity

High-Speed license 0.75 – 200 fps

Built-in FSND 0.6, 1.2, 2.1 Filters 

Complete Look functions; import Looks

4:3 Sensor

Lightweight design / 5 lbs / 2.3 kg

For more info visit: www.arri.com/alexamini/