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Sony Venice II

The Sony Venice II is the evolution of the Sony Venice offered in two sensor types the original Sony Venice 6K sensor with a full frame image sensor, 36 x 24.1 mm delivering 15 Stops of dynamic range which can be used between S35 and Full Frame modes. The camera is also offered in a 8.6k version. The Sony Venice allows for 4K S35 anamorphic and 4K full frame image capture.

The game changer of Sony Venice II is the ability to shoot AXSM X-OCN and AppleProres internally to two AXSM Card slots. 

Sony Venice II has 8 stops of internal ND filters (ND.3 – ND2.4), multiple SDI outputs, audio inputs, and both 12 and 24V accessory ports. The camera also has a native PL mount but can be switched to LPL and others.

Sony Venice II Kit

1 Sony  Venice II Camera, Anamorphic and Full Frame Licenses

1 Sony Venice PL Mount

1 Sony DVF-EL200 Viewfinder

1 Sony Venice VF Cable 22″

1 Arri Top Plate for Sony Venice

1 Arri Shoulder Pad for Sony Venice

1 Arri EVF mount

1 ARRI Basic Set for Sony Venice

1 ARRI BPA-5 Bridge Plate Adapter

1 ARRI BP-8 Bridge Plate Set

1 Arri 12″ Dovetail Plate

1 Wooden Camera A-Box for Sony Venice

1 Wooden Camera D Box for Sony Venice – Gold Mount


3 Sony AXSM (A Series) 4.8 Gbps Memory Card – 512 GB

1 Sony AXS-AR1 AXS Memory and SxS Memory Thunderolt Card Reader


4 Anton Bauer Titon 150 SL 143wh 14.8V Li-ion Battery

1 Anton Bauer LP-4 4-Position Simultaneous Fast Charger

1 Arri 221W/24v Power Supply

2 Power Cables

Technical Specs

15 Stops of exposure latitude

Dual ISO base sensitivity 500 and 2500

Built-in ND 0.3 – ND 2.4 Filters 

Complete Look functions; import Looks

8.6K and 6K Full Frame Sensor 36.2 x 24.1mm

Lightweight design / 9 lbs / 4.3 kg