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Sony Venice

The Sony Venice is a revolutionary digital acquisition cinema camera with a full frame image sensor, 36 x 24 mm delivering 16 Stops of dynamic range which can be used between S35 and Full Frame modes.  The Sony Venice allows for 4K S35 anamorphic and 4K full frame image capture. 

Sony Venice shoots XAVC, Apple ProRes and MPEG HD capture to SxS Cards. And 16-bit RAW and X-OCN capture to AXS Cards using the onboard AXS-R7 recorder.

Sony Venice has 8 stops of internal ND filters (ND.3 – ND2.4), multiple SDI outputs, audio inputs, and both 12 and 24V accessory ports. The camera also has a native PL mount but can be switched to LPL and others.

Sony Venice Kit

1 Sony  Venice Camera, Anamorphic and Full Frame Licenses

1 Sony AXS-R7 Recorder

1 Sony Venice PL Mount

1 Sony DVF-EL200 Viewfinder

1 Sony Venice VF Cable 22″

1 Arri Top Plate for Sony Venice

1 Arri Shoulder Pad for Sony Venice

1 Arri EVF mount

1 ARRI Basic Set for Sony Venice

1 ARRI BPA-5 Bridge Plate Adapter

1 ARRI BP-8 Bridge Plate Set

1 Arri 12″ Dovetail Plate

1 Wooden Camera A-Box for Sony Venice

1 Wooden Camera D Box for Sony Venice – Gold Mount


3 Sony AXSM (A Series) 4.8 Gbps Memory Card – 512 GB

1 Sony AXS-AR1 AXS Memory and SxS Memory Thunderolt Card Reader


4 Anton Bauer Titon 150 SL 143wh 14.8V Li-ion Battery

1 Anton Bauer LP-4 4-Position Simultaneous Fast Charger

1 Arri 221W/24v Power Supply

2 Power Cables

Technical Specs

15 Stops of exposure latitude

Dual ISO base sensitivity 500 and 2500

Built-in ND 0.3 – ND 2.4 Filters 

Complete Look functions; import Looks

6K Full Frame Sensor 36.2 x 24.1mm

Lightweight design / 8 lbs / 3.9 kg