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Xelmus Apollo Anamorphic 2x S35/FF

Sharp, Vintage, Neutral Tones, High Contrast

Xelmus Apollo anamorphic 2x lenses are truly unique modern anamorphic lenses. They have a beautiful “lomo esc” look, eastern European coloration, gentle anamorphic bokeh, and moderate distortion. They have a blue coating and flare and render faces with a respectful amount of distortion for anamorphic glass. Xelmus Apollo’s are very lightweight and have incredible close focus making them perfect for handheld, gimbals and stabilizers. These lenses have no breathing and DO NOT have pincushioning like Cooke Anamorphics and other manufacturers. The look is almost vintage, creamy, soft, and gentle, and very sharp at T2.8 ¼, giving you maximum picture quality. For modern anamorphic lenses these give you all of the qualities of classic anamorphics like Panavision, Lomos, and Hawks, but in a lightweight and compact size.

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Lenses: Xelmus Apollo Anamorphic 2x S35 / FF

DOP: Hunter Robert Baker