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Clean, Warm Tones, Medium Contrast

Cooke Speed Panchro Classics are modern reproductions of Cooke S2/S3 Panchros of the 1920s. Due to increasing demand, limited supply, and variation in warmth lens to lens of S2/S3 Panchros, Cooke elected to create these reproduction lenses. Cooke Panchro Classics are sharp, with beautiful skin tones and delicate bokeh. The benefits of Cooke Panchro Classics are modern mechanics, color-matched lenses, controllable flare, and elimination of spherical and chromatic aberration. They are offered in S35 and Full Frame making them a top choice for modern cinematographers. These lenses are ideal when you want the Cooke look matched across multiple cameras or units on your production.

Lineup of Arri Master Prime lenses

Robert Marc

Lenses: Cooke Panchro Classic

DOP: Ryan De Franco