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Cooke S4i

Clean, Warm Tones, Medium Contrast

Cook S4’s debut in 1998 and quickly became the go to lenses for 35mm motion picture film acquisition for major cinematographers like Roger Deakin’s No Country For Old Men, The Assassination Of Jesse James and Janusz Kaminski’s Munich. Cooke S4’s are clean, warm lenses, with medium contrast offering the Cooke Look. They have superior cam style focus systems, control of flare and veiling glare and spherical aberrations. Today on digital these lenses can shine once again and deliver a unique look that has character and emotion.

Lineup of Arri Master Prime lenses

Cole Haan

Lenses: Cooke S4i

DOP: Joe Victorine

No Country For Old Men

Lenses: Cooke S4i

DOP: Roger Deakins