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Tribe 7 Blackwings T-Tune

Delicate Soft, Neutral Tones, Medium Contrast

Tribe7 Blackwings are special purpose tuned optics for Full Frame photography. The T-Tune version features delicate medium roll off, medium contrast, and a beautiful rainbow flare. These modern optics have optical designs inspired by vintage lenses from the 1930’s – 1980’s of Leica, Angenieux, Takumar Pentax, Kodak and Carl Zeiss. Developed by artist and academy award nominated cinematographer Bradford Young, ASC and lens technologist Neil Fanthom, these lenses are built by and for cinematographers looking for a special look. The expressive qualities render faces with three dimensional qualities and the unique roll off makes areas in focus truly stand out.

We now offer the Tribe 7 Blackwings in T-Tune with the SKIN MK II Amber Coating. Upon request, NYCC will physically swap the Blackwing elements out to the Tribe 7 SKIN MK II Amber Coating, giving an overall warmer look and creating beautiful amber flare characteristics.

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Lenses: Tribe 7 Blackwings T-Tune

DOP: Kevin “GK” Frederick