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Leica-R Summilux TLS

Sharp, Vintage, Neutral Tones, High Contrast

Leica-R Summilux TLS primes are one of our favorite S35 and Full Frame lens sets at NYCC. The look is natural and photographic. Originally designed for 35mm photography use with Leica systems, the Leica-R Summilux TLS set has been completely rehoused by True Lens Service in London, UK in collaboration with Cinescope. Delivering perfect mechanics with a unique look and feel. The lenses render skin tones beautifully with a soft purple flare. The overall look is clean with soft bokeh making them great for use with diffusion filters to get different vintage effects. The set covers Full Frame and in particular, the fast Summilux T Stop of the 35,50,80 create portraiture unlike any other set we offer. The possibilities with the Leica-R Summilux TLS set are endless.

Year: 1980’s

Country: Germany

Lineup of Arri Master Prime lenses

Hey Son

Lenses: Leica-R Summilux TLS

DOP: Bradley Credit

Nissan Just blaze

Lenses: Leica-R Summilux TLS

DOP: Simon Asher Reinert