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Canon Rangefinder Type SK

Delicate Sharp, Vintage, Warm Tones, Medium Contrast

The Canon Rangefinder Type SK Primes are a gem amongst lenses from their incredible high speed T1.5 Stop, to Full Frame coverage to immaculate portrait rendering. Named after Canon’s original name Seikikogaku Kenkyusho, ‘Precision Labs’ these lenses were designed for photography in the 1960’s. Covering both S35 and Full Frame these special lenses have a unique look and feel. They have beautiful golden flares and delicate skin tones. They offer a medium contrast and low chromatic aberration. The gentle roll off and gorgeous bokeh gives the image a truly three dimensional look.


Country: Japan

Lineup of Arri Master Prime lenses


Lenses: Canon Rangefinder Type SKs

DOP: Steven Mastorelli