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Cooke s2/s3 Panchros TLS

Delicate Soft, Vintage, Warm Tones, Low Contrast

The Godfather lenses. Cooke Speed Panchros are the original Cooke Look. Produced from the 1920s to the 1960s and used on every major motion picture from the very first Academy Award winner Wings (1927) to Casablanca (Best Picture winner 1942) and The Sound of Music (Best Picture winner 1965). Cooke Speed Panchros are soft, warm pastel colored, low contrast lenses completely rehoused by TLS True Lens Service in the UK. Cooke Speed Panchros are unique and have little chromatic aberration delivering picturesque portraiture. 

Year: 1920’s – 1960’s

Country: UK

Lineup of Arri Master Prime lenses

Hannah Epperson

Lenses: Cooke S2/S3 Panchros TLS

DOP: Jake Saner