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Lomo Super Speeds

Delicate Soft, Vintage, Warm Tones, Medium Contrast

Lomo Super Speed set beautifully rehoused by GL Optics MK V. An NYCC favorite, the Lomo Super Speed Set offers a distinct beautiful focus roll off, 80’s classic Russian lomo coloration, slight natural highlight halation, and excellent mechanics. These lenses have a medium contrast and lifted shadow that makes them excellent for all types of photography. Lomos have a one-of-a-kind color that makes any location or subject gorgeous.

The MK V addition is the latest rehousing from GL Optics and TLS True Lens Service quality. Lomo Super Speeds are the perfect lenses for a cinematographer seeking a unique look that is both filmic and respectful.

Year: 1980’s

Country: Russia

Lineup of Arri Master Prime lenses


Lenses: Lomo Super Speeds

DOP: Steven Mastorelli